Recently I was nominated by a good friend and blogger @MLYGhost to complete the 3 DAY, 3 QUOTE CHALLENGE. I will be covering Onision quotes; Atheist quotes and Lucifer (TV show) quotes. As you may have noticed I gladly accepted the challenge but before we crack on there are some simple rules that one with the challenge.

The rules for the challenge are:

 1. Provide 3 different quotes for 3 consecutive days.

2. Provide a link to the person who nominated you (www.diaryofafailedmarriage.com)

3. Nominate 3 people

4. You don’t have to follow all these rules! Yay freedom!

Let’s start the quotes!

This Onison quote gains me allot of respect for the man. I agree completely with him because people,especially yor parents, should accept you with your religion, sexuality and looks. This quote comes from an episode where he compares Christian parents to atheist parents.
This quote is crazy yet true! It sounds like a crazed teen at a Justin Bieber concert! Think twice because it is 30 year old Onision fangirling.  As you may know Andy Biersack is a very good looking man. He has perfect bone structure; piercing blue eyes that could kill any fan; gorgeous tattoos and a funny personality. I’m sure that anyone part of the BVB Army will agree.

If you don’t know this song where have you been? Hilarity ran high when Gregory Jackson (Onision) uploaded a hit about bananas and their power. During the song Greg says ‘I’m a banana therefore your argument is invalid’ and made us all burst into laughter. This ludacris comment mad my day.

The reason I decided to dedicate a day to Onision is because he is very honest and even though many people don’t appreciate his crucial honesty, earning him the name of Youtube’s Greatest Villian, he carries on expressing his views.

What should I post my truth on next?

Hi! What should I talk about next. I’ve talked about sugar coating and friendships. Comment what you think. Should I do it on religion? Just curious.

Check out the diaryofafailedmarriage by Mlyghost! Great stuff!

Sincerely, A Fabulous asshole

The Truth Is Ugly

Hi there, my name is Raven. You might know me from Deviantart or Quotev but now you get to hear me. Just me. Not my stories me. I’ve got to be honest here, if you had just met me in person you would probably not describe me as the nicest person in the world, but as our friendship progressed you would see that I did it for your own good. Here let me explain I HATE sugar coating! Sugar coating is when you tell a lie to cover up the ugly truth; personally I prefer the raw, mean, honest and ugly truth. Think about it who’s going to hurt you more? 

Let me give you an example: you’re going to a party (what’s that? You don’t like parties! Well just roll with it.) and two of your friends are coming with you and you ask for their opinion on your outfit and that you want the truth. One of your friends you’ve known for all your life, friends from the womb she/he tells you ” You look great!” With a smile on their face. Now let’s just pretend that your outfit was coloured  bright neon orange, didn’t match your skin at all and quite frankly made you look like an orange. To confirm their opinion you ask the other friend, perhaps you’ve known this one for a little less. She/he just sighs, face palms and says “You look like a walking talking orange with hair!” I bet you’re thinking “oh my god I would dislike all of this persons social media posts!”But stop right there who is the better friend. Think hard if that friend hadn’t stepped in you would look like a total idiot at the party.

My point is sometimes you need the truth wether it warms your heart or makes you question your existence always thank that friend for saving your but once more. Come on you know I’m not lying! That friends probably saved you from an argument with your parents, buying a pink car, staying with a boyfriend that cheats, looking an orange and many more ridiculous things. I learnt this the hard way. I used to be that buthurt kid that told on you in class because you called them a meanie. An effing MEANIE. If I met the old me right now I’d probably just sit there slamming my head on the table. I tell the truth but keep myself out of trouble. Yes, I have been to the head mistress’ office once or twice but that’s of subject. Badumtssss! Of subject school huh? Get it? Just me? Ok bad pun. 

I used to lie to keep people happy. I guess I was just afraid of hurting feelings. But now you can always count on me to be the asshole who gives you a reality check instead of telling you want to hear!

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